Want to help out? - Become a Sponsor!

There are a number of ways you can sponsor the 2Wheel Academy. You can either sponsor an individual team. Or you can sponsor at a national level.

National Sponsors

Without the help of these organisations the Academy wouldn’t exist so make sure you show your support! Most importantly they live and breathe the Academy philosophy of living life your way every day

Complete Wealth

Complete Wealth is all about what makes you happiest.  They believe wealth is as much about time as it is money and how you spend your Wealth is the real key to happiness.  Complete Wealth believes how you really want to spend your life ultimately sets how you grow, manage and spend your wealth.  How do they know?  They’ve got thousands of clients doing this every day.


TORQ Performance Nutrition is a range of highly advanced nutrition products designed specifically with the endurance athlete in mind. Torq’s products deliver everything you need to get you through all your training and events and they provide the most comprehensive recovery product on the market today.


From the team that brought Torq Nutrition to Australia, Motion might be the newest kid on the performance wear block but it’s anything but the same.  Designed for and tested by the country’s most demanding Cross Country riders, with specialist fabrics to maximise comfort, durability and functionality, Motion clothing is a whole new level.

FTP Training

FTP Training makes people Awesome! – that’s what FTP Training is all about.  Their focus is training “as smart as Possible” so you get the most from every effort – no other coaching program delivers the performance FTP athletes experience.  Designed by supercoach Mark “Fenz” Fenner, FTP’s training programs are continually evolved using Fenz’s experience developing and working with some of the best athletes on the planet.


Getting your pride and joy to the best trails safely is a serious business.


rideTECHNICS don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ coaching. They tailor skills sessions to YOU based on our assessment of your riding and learning about your needs and goals. They apply coaching methods and drills they’ve refined over time to help you get more out of yourself, your bike and the trail while having a good time.