Have your own 2Wheel Academy Team

To ensure the long-term success of the program there are some key elements that all teams must have.  These include:


Local Bike Shop – will act as the “clubhouse” and will provide support to riders as well as access to senior and elite role models for riders to learn from. Each shop will nominate a liaison person to coordinate with the team. This liaison will also be the direct contact with the Academy.


Local MTB club – clubs provide the organisational support and infrastructure to ensure there are good trails to ride as well as a range of races and events for participation. While we encourage riders to participate in any event they wish, supporting their local MTB club is a priority.


Team Manager – a responsible adult will be nominated from each team to help ensure the smooth running of the team. They will ensure team members meet and ride together regularly as well as coordinating team entries to events etc.


6 riders, aged between 12-18 years old. Each rider must have their own bike (obviously), be an MTBA member and linked to a local club.

If you think you have enough young riders in your area to form an Academy team click below to apply now.

Team Sponsors - how does it work?

1. Does every team have to have a sponsor?
No, not at all.  We do hope though that others may want to get involved so by allowing teams to have their own individual sponsors we can increase the overall support for the Academy as well as adding some value to local businesses.
2. What does it cost?
$1,000 per team per year.
3. What does this get?
Naming rights to your team “Bob Business Advisers 2Wheel Academy Team”.  Your logo on your Team’s kit, right across the back.  We’ll also include your details on the Academy Website and Facebook page and make sure everyone who enters the Team store knows it’s your team.

Obviously you’ll also get the satisfaction of knowing you’re not just helping your team but the Academy itself.  Who knows, one of your riders could one day be the next big thing – like former TORQ riders – World Cup winner Dan McConnell or Tour Down Under stage winner Steele von Hoff. Imagine being a part of that journey?

Let us know your size and we’ll organise a Team Supporter Polo for you as well

4. How long is sponsorship for?
Each team’s “season” runs for a full 12 month term.  That means your sponsorship lasts Summer AND Winter.
5. Are there other sponsorship options?
Sure.  We’re ultimately looking National Sponsors to help all teams (then you’d be on every jersey!). We’ll also open to minor sponsors for each team as well if you’d like to end up on back pocket.  Talk to your local Team store or contact us directly via the website.
6. Can I sponsor more than one team?
Of course! How much do you want to spend! Each team will be $1,000 to sponsor per year.